Tsaritsyno Museum and Reserve

The museum and reserve “Tsaritsyno” located in the south of Moscow combines a palace complex, the Opera house, the Bread house, a cavalry unit, the temple, a greenhouses, a historical landscape park with ponds and pavilions as well as new parks with  flower beds and a fountain with lights and music. The entire territory of the museum and reserve occupies 405 hectares.

In the middle of the park there is the palace complex dated of late XVIII century, which was built as a suburban residence of Empress Catherine the Great. Its building began in 1775 by the architect Vasily Bazhenov. After the death of the empress, all the construction activities in Tsaritsyno were frozen.

Palace ensemble with the outbuildings was opened in 2005-2007 after the reconstruction.  Permanent exhibitions were placed in the halls of the Bread House and the Grand Palace. In 2011 the opening of the Greenhouse complex, reconstructed according to the drafts of the XIX century, was navigated.

More than 40 different tours and master classes, educational and entertaining programs for adults and children are conducted in the palace and greenhouse complex and outdoors.

Currently, in the halls of the Grand Palace and on the landscape park Tsaritsyno territory classical and modern music concerts are organized, in the Bread House atrium hall you may enjoy organ recitals. Every year, Tsaritsyno becomes a venue for Russian and international music festivals.

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