Treasures of the Russian vodka

You will find yourself in a fascinating journey through the history of Russian vodka – 500 years ago events, you’ll hear stories about the princely banquets, severe temper of Peter I and Catherine II discerning tastes with respect to vodka. You will meet with the suppliers of the Imperial Household, touch the restaurant temptations Russian society and you also will witness a turning point in the fate of Russian national drink. There are more than thousands of different items, many of which are priceless objects bourgeois life of 18-19 centuries. Exposition halls clearly tells about the history of vodka business in Russia, the national drink production technology and traditions of Russian feast.
Consolidate their knowledge of the Russian national drink, and learn to understand the variety of flavors of vodka tasting will help the firm in which you can get acquainted with a wide range of high-quality varieties of vodka and liqueurs. Reveal the full flavor vodka drinks and ohmelet will help traditional Russian table of salty snacks. Leading the tasting will teach you the correct use of vodka, liqueurs and spirits, observing all the “tricks” the culture of consumption.
Tours are conducted by museum staff.

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