The Museum of Calligraphy

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“Calligraphy is music, addressed not to the ears BUT to the eyes”. V. V. Lazurski

The first Russian Museum is dedicated to the art of writing. The Museum exposition includes unique letter samples, among its exhibits you will find the world’s masterpieces, created by the renowned masters of calligraphy. One of the most interesting is a unique handwritten copy of the Koran. It was presented to the Museum by Albert Krganov. Another gift is an amazing exhibit in the form of a fly’s wing, where the master has given a Declaration of Love to our country. You will be able to see this inscription only through a magnifying glass. The Russian calligrapher Yuri Koverdyayev created the exclusive idea. Using the technique of copperplate engravings, in the truest sense of the word, he painted the portraits of friends. For a subtle contour, the artist applied letter by letter, and, so, literally, recreated the image.
The Museum presents fine samples of Slavonic and European writing, the subtle work of Jewish and Arab calligraphy schools, strict forms of classical Japanese calligraphy, the examples of ancient Chinese writing, revealing the history of the art of calligraphy, and, reflect new facets of the fine arts; national and foreign books on calligraphy, rare manuscript editions, released by single copies; writing utensils of the past and present.
The Museum organizes sightseeing tours. Master classes are held both on tours and during specially organized events.

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