The Jewish museum

Responding to the needs of contemporary culture and society, the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is a cultural and educational complex where in addition to the permanent exhibition various research, educational and children’s centers and tolerance center are open. The permanent exhibition tells Russian history from the reign of Catherine II to the present times. This period of time is presented in an example of culture and life of the Jewish people. Unlike traditional history museums the Jewish museum and the Tolerance Center are interactive. Twelve thematic pavilions have a panoramic cinema, interactive screens, audiovisual installations, which are based on unique photographic and video archives, documents and interviews. The museum also hosts large exhibition projects, providing visitors with directions of art and its leading agents. Exhibition catalogues, antiquarian art books, modern books and souvenirs, jewelry and Judaica are presented in the shop nearby the museum.

There is a huge interactive map in the museum showing the chronology of the Jews settlement around the world. With help of huge windows with projections it was possible to recreate the shtetl (Yiddish – a town) – a traditional Jewish town in the era of tsarist Russia. There are also more realistic exhibits – for instance, a typical urban coffee house of the early twentieth century. At each table, one is likely to learn something new about the Jews life in those days, to participate in a survey or to find other information.

There is a 4D-Cinema in the museum, which demonstrates films about the first days of life. Particular attention is paid to the Holocaust and discrimination of the Jewish people. The visitors may honor the memory of the victims at the Memorial.



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