Tank T-34

A unique museum and memorial complex devoted to specific types of weapons is a tribute to the legendary combat vehicle of the twentieth century – the medium tank T-34. The optimal combination of firepower, protection and mobility has become a classic example for the future models development of almost all domestic and foreign tanks.

T-34 played a critical role in all the major Red Army battles during the Great Patriotic War. Such a universal combat tool has been successfully used both for direct support of infantry units and for high-speed maneuver warfare.

During the Great Patriotic War the “Thirty-four” became the foundation of the Red Army tank forces. T-34 proved to be best suited for mass production, was easy in manufacture, usage and repair. In addition, its cost was relatively low. An important feature of the “Thirty-four” was easy combat vehicle harness by its crew. Nowadays many T-34 tanks stand on pedestals in towns and villages around the world, adorn the collections of the most prestigious military historic and technical museums. The vast majority of today’s citizens recognize the “Thirty-four” by its unique appearance, but what do we know about it?

The exposition of the museum comprehensively covers the far and wide history of the legendary combat machine. The museum was opened in 2001, the commemoration of the Red Army’s offensive on Berlin. The exposure on the museum’s first floor is devoted to the T-34’s history, and on the second floor the documentation of the military operations T-34 was involved is demonstrated. In the museum’s yard there is also something to observe – it represents eight battle tanks and self-propelled artillery.

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