Tank Museum “Kubinka”

The museum occupies an area of ​​over 12 hectares, in the halls and pavilions there are more than 350 units of armored vehicles from 14 countries. About 60 of the units exist in a single copy, that is why “Kubinka” is, by all rights, considered to be the largest tank museum in the world.

In the museum you can see the best examples of Soviet weapons: light, medium and heavy tanks, tracked vehicles, as well as British, Canadian, and American tanks. In the pavilions there is a unique collection of trophy military weaponry of World War II from Nazi Germany, as well as diverse and unique military hardware from France, Italy, Poland, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Hungary, Japan and China.

Visitors are invited to take the following guided thematic sightseeing tours:

– Armored vehicles in Germany during World War II;

– Soviet and Russian armored vehicles: heavy, medium and main battle tanks;

– Foreign armored vehicles. UK, Canada, USA;

– Tank Lend-Lease;

– Forgotten Battles Cold War;

– Battle for Moscow;

– The Battle of Kursk;

– Battle for Berlin

and many others.

In addition to the tours, the museum often hosts reconstruction of tank battles.

All displayed equipment is restored and running. Such armored vehicles and tanks successfully take part not only in filming, parades and pageants, but also in battle re-enactments.

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