Space Journey

The Space Museum is one of the largest science and technology museums in the world. Here you can find a number of interactive exhibits in special zones equipped with simulators similar to those in the Cosmonaut Training Center, e.g. the transport spacecraft rendock simulator, virtual ISS (international space station) simulator and a search helicopter cockpit mockup.

In the museum there is a miniature Mission Control Center, where you can observe the International Space Station in real time and go on the air for a radio contact with the crew. You can also find the interactive “Buran” cabin with a motion system and a panoramic stereo image, and many other things…

The “Journey” in space ends in the starship cockpit cinema.

The museum staff conduct guided tours.

The Memorial House of the academician Sergey P. Korolev. The museum is located in a two-storey house, where the Academician Sergey P. Korolev lived and worked from 1959 to 1966. The house was presented to the scientist by the Soviet government after the successful launch of the first artificial satellite of Earth. The museum is unique because of the authenticity of its exhibits, which include Korolev’s personal possessions, technical and fiction literature, books with inscriptions from the authors, as well as some furniture, household items, and art works. In the memorial house you can not only find neat lecture notes made by Sergei Korolev when he was a young student of Kiev Polytechnic Institute in the 1920s, but also his personal notebook telling about the affairs and concerns of the chief designer in the last month of his life.

The museum staff conduct tours.

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