Sokolniki Park

There was a dense virgin on the site of the present “Sokolniki” Park in XIV-XV centuries. Stromynskaya Road was stretching through this forest and Tcherkizovo area straight into the village of Stromyn that is 60 km to the East, and then into the town of Suzdal. According to the legend in 1382 when Khan Tokhtamysh was approaching Moscow Dmitry Donskoy used this road to go to the North to gather troops.

In the XV century, Sokolniki area in Moscow became hunting lands for the Roayl family as hunting was particularly widespread in the XVII century during the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich. Both Peter I and Alexander I emperors loved spending their time in Sokolniki. Young emperors arranged noisy receptions for their friends here and eventually for Moscow nobility and common people alike Sokolniki became a place for traditional festivities.

In 1879 on purchasing the current territory of Sokolniki Park the city became the owner of Sokolniki as well as neighboring Deer grove. During the years of revolution and civil war, the territory of the Park came running in. And only after the decision to restore the Park, large scale renovation was run in the area when the territory was cleaned, the shores of the ponds were strengthened and green space was let glow in order.

Currently Sokolniki Park is a huge area for the family holiday. The visitors can enjoy a concert stage, Billiards room, dancing veranda and sports alley where you can rent roller skates, bicycles, scooters and other sports equipment. There are other sport recreation facilities as tennis courts, tables for ping pong as well as a fitness center, pool and karting along with numerous cafes. In 2013, the Park added some 20 new modern amusement rides. In winter the Park there is an ice skating and skiing bases where you can rent the equipment.

Park theater festivals, along with music, entertainment and literary evenings and concerts of both professional and amateur artists, wind and symphony orchestras – all these are quite popular with the metropolitan people.
Sokolniki is a unique complex of Park, natural and national culture, and it is also a monument of landscape art. Sokolniki Park has always been famous for its flowers, especially, the rosaries, that grow for the joy of the visitors. After the reconstruction, the Lilac garden was reopened. In the Golden and May ponds as well as on the cascade of Putaevsky ponds and in the Lilac garden, you will find yourself in a “Zone of silence” — a place free from loud conversations, listening to music, mobile phone signals and other noises.

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