Schechtel’s Architectural Masterpieces

Fyodor Osipovich Schechtel is an architect of world reputation, who exercised his talent at the turn of the 20th century and created the miracle of “Moscow Art Nouveau”. He originates from a German background; however he is a truly Russian architect, whose works keep amazing us nowadays. There are good reasons why government offices and embassies have taken a fancy to his masterpieces.

The tour is held over the conservation area of Schechtel’s Moscow. The guided tour route comprises the most famous masterpieces of the master of genius. There two architect’s own houses located not far from the Patriarshie ponds. A multi-talented Schechtel’s personality astonishes with bright extraordinary buildings, having been created in the Eclecticism and Modernist idiom; they were recognized to be architectural national heritage. The architect’s genius, as well as his sociable and cheerful disposition attracted to him a lot of then famous people. Their lives are interwoven with Schechtel’s biography which was enviably “starry” at the beginning, but ended rather dramatically.

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