Sadovoye (Garden) Ring

This is the only Museum in Moscow dedicated to the history of  the oldest Meshansky district. In the atmosphere of the old mansion you will be able to enjoy the cozy Moscow life, learn about traditions, family values and legends of  Meshansky district. In addition to traditional guided tours and lectures you will find a lot of exciting journeys for children and adults  in the Museum.

The Museum will suggest you to drink hot tea, to listen to lectures on the history of Moscow, to play historical quests and  participate in interesting workshops.

Permanent exposition of the Museum will tell you about the history of Meshansky district since the founding of Moscow to the end of the twentieth century: the life of past historical periods and the history of the oldest Quarters of Moscow, trade routes, streets, monuments. Special attention is attracted to the reconstruction of the traditional interior of the old Moscow house. A hospitable  hostess welcomes every visitor of the Museum. Sitting comfortably in the corner of the room near the window, she drinks tea at a large dining table.

The Museum will show you the pre-revolutionary period in the history of the Meshansky district as well as the main events in the history of Russia of XX century: a revolutionary movement, the Civil and the Great Patriotic war, post-war period, post-war reconstruction of Meshansky district, hosting the Olympic Games of 1980, the years of Perestroika, the achievements of the post-Soviet period.

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