Russian VALENKI (felted boots)

It is believed that these felted boots are traditional Russian footwear. But, in reality, the valenki are traditional for Eurasian peoples. The story of the boots’ creation started 2.500 years ago. This date is related to the valenki, which were found in the Altai mountains. The process of felting shoes came to us from Asian countries, during the invasion of the Golden Horde. The Mongols had shoes like the valenki, which were named “Pima”. The valenki, which are known by all of us, began to spread in Russia in the 18th century.
Visiting the Museum of VALENKI, you can learn many interesting things about it: how sheep wool was used, which materials were made from sheep wool, and, how the boots were felted from it. You will also know the role of the valenki in the Victory in Great Patriotic War. And you can also see the area of Slavic life: you will be able to raise the tongs with the pot, the rocker with the valenki. During the tour you can watch a movie about the production of the valenki at the beginning of the 20th century at the very first factory (unique movie).

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