Pushkin – related sites of Moscow

Bus-walking tour of Pushkin – related sites of Moscow will tell you about the most important events in the poet’s life, associated with his hometown.

In Moscow the poet was born, was baptized and spent the years of his childhood. In Moscow he met a young lady, Natalia Nikolaevna Goncharova, his future wife. He married her and spent the first family months in the house on Arbat street. Many of his friends lived also in Moscow. The star of his glory was lit up in his hometown, and the first monument to the poet was erected here, in Moscow.

You will see the places of Pushkin Moscow of the late XVIII — first half of XIX century, the houses associated with the poet’s name and the memories of those who lived there : Prechistenka, Arbat, Spasopeskovskaya Square, Memorial apartment of A. S. Pushkin on Arbat street, a German Quarter, Old Basmannaya street (house of V. L. Pushkin, the Church of Nikita the Martyr), the school named after Pushkin N 353, Children’s town with the heroes of Pushkin’s fairy tales, the Church of the Epiphany in Yelokhovo, library named after A. S. Pushkin, Ogorodny Quarter, Big Kharitonyevsky lane, Yusupov chambers, Boulevard Ring, Pushkin Square, Tverskoy Boulevard, Church of the Ascension at Nikitsky Gate, Bolshaya and Malaya Nikitskaya streets.

Duration: 5-6 hours
A welcome addition to the city tour will be the visit of one of the following museums:

1. The State Museum of A. S. Pushkin is recognized as one of the most important cultural centers of Moscow and Russia nowadays. The main Museum complex is located in a remarkable architectural monument of the beginning of XIX century – the noble estate of Khrushchev-Seleznev, Prechistenka street 12/2.

– Permanent exhibition “Pushkin and his days” is located in 15 halls of the main house of Khrushchev-Seleznev. The principle of biographic exhibition will tell you about the works and days of the poet, his contemporaries and heroes of his works, about the life and culture of Pushkin’s time. The exhibition will show you about 4,000 portraits, books, manuscripts, objects of decorative art. Many of them were belonged to the people from Pushkin environment.

– “Tales of Pushkin” — the Museum is pleased to present a new exhibit, where visitors get acquainted with the sources of the tales of the poet. Here you can visit the fair , the peasant’s hut and the fabulous island of Buyan. There are a lot of mysteries and surprises for the visitors in the Museum. And the exposition itself is full of bright and cheerful colors.
Государственный музей А.С. Пушкина (Москва)

2. Memorial Museum-apartment of A. S. Pushkin on Arbat street. Arbat street N 53 is a Museum and Memorial apartment of A. S. Pushkin.

It is unknown when A. S. Pushkin moved in this house exactly. Anyway, 10 February 1831, he asked his friends and relatives to write on this address “Arbat street, Khitrov house”. On 17 February, the day before the wedding, Alexander Pushkin invited his closest friends and acquaintances and made a “bachelor party”. The next day, the Wedding Ceremony took place in the Church of the Great Ascension and the celebration took place on Arbat street, house 53.
A.S. Pushkin and his wife were planning to live here longer, but on 15 May, 1831 they moved to Tsarskoe Selo, where the house was rented for them. On Arbat street, 53 A. S. Pushkin and his wife spent three happy first months of their married life. Pushkin’s dreams of Love, Happiness and Home came true here.

Memorial Museum-apartment of A. S. Pushkin on Arbat street is one of the most significant museums in the city.

It is a scientific – cultural center which promotes the literary heritage of Alexander Pushkin and the Russian culture of the XIX century. There are important cultural actions, scientific meetings and conferences, concerts, poetry readings, festivals, diplomatic receptions and wedding ceremonies. Visitors are provided with audio – guide for independent visit to the Museum.

3. The house-Museum of V. L. Pushkin. A small wooden building with nine windows on the facade on Staraya Basmannaya street, 36, has been known to Muscovites for a long time. The uncle of the famous poet, Vasily Lvovich Pushkin lived in this house. He was a famous poet at the beginning of XIX century, the author of the first manifests of Karamzin school, the superintendent of “Arzamas” society, Creator of “Dangerous neighbor” – this poem was a literary sensation in 1811…

A famous poet Vasily Pushkin rented this house in 1824. His nephew Alexander Pushkin came here on 8 September 1826, after the audience with Nikolay I in the Kremlin. The result from the audience was successful – A.Pushkin came back to Moscow from exile.
Visitors can see the old house, as well as preserved old doors, corner stove in the living room, pieces of oak flooring.

Every visitor will find three floors of interesting exhibits:
– The hall is decorated with views of Moscow. Among them the most valuable painting is the picture by F.A.Alekseev. Uncle and nephew were Muscovites, so they loved their hometown. Vasily knew the Moscow sights very well, and he showed them proudly to the foreigners;

— the living room, where famous poets and writers gathered in the times of V.L.Pushkin;

— the dining room. A.S.Pushkin had a dinner here as well as many friends of Vasily Pushkin. Just imagine a warm atmosphere of this room with jokes and glasses of champagne…

– V.L.Pushkin was a passionate theatre-goer, he played in domestic performances. So the creators of the Museum built the home theater scene, representing the poem “Dangerous neighbor”, associated with the literary struggle of the early nineteenth century. There were the battles between supporters of N. M. Karamzin (V. L. Pushkin was a strong Karamzin supporter) and followers of A. S. Shishkov, which influenced on the future of the Russian language and literature. This dispute was not only about words but also the dispute about patriotism, enlightenment;

— Study – room. There are books in leather bindings on the book – shelves, among them you will find works of the Society of lovers of the Russian Literature at Moscow Imperial University. These are lifetime editions of uncle and nephew, as V. L. Pushkin was one of the founder of this University. Vasily Pushkin had the richest library;

— Mezzanine. This room will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of Moscow childhood of A. S. Pushkin. The childhood years of Alexander are connected with the Vasily Pushkin: a trip to St. Petersburg, Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum, the first steps in the poetic field.
A visit to the Museum is possible with the audio guide.

Every year, On June 6, Russia celebrates the birthday of A. S. Pushkin.

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