Museum of Watercolors

Moscow State Academy of Watercolors and Fine Arts of Sergey Andriaka has an exhibition complex. Its center is the Museum of Watercolors. Its exposition includes more than 200 works of outstanding artists from different countries. Many of works are presented to a wide audience for the first time: landscapes of Ivan Shishkin, who was the acclaimed “poet of nature”; then, watercolor by A. N. Benoit, a talented art historian and critic, sketches by P.A.Brullov, a full member of Imperial Academy of Arts. A collection of Western Graphics, displayed at the Museum, is decorated with the names of the founders of the Old water-color society: Robert Hills, James Holversy and Edward Corbuda, a teacher of history painting in the Royal family of England over 29 years. The work of Chinese artists diversify the exposure, recalling, that waters-color technique is the basis of monumental artistic masterpieces of the East. The original samples of the Soviet and modern Russian illustrations demonstrate the diversity of its artistic possibilities.

The Museum presents some uncommon information about the theory of painting. The exhibition will tell you about the laws of drawing, painting and composition in a classical landscape, portraiture, genre painting, still life, interior and ornament. Much attention is paid to such important issues in the theory of art, as culture production of the figures and draperies, theory, harmonious color combinations, different system perspectives, methods of proportioning, information about the tradition of the classical system of teaching, the psychology of perception, etc.
Watercolor has never existed in isolation from other types of painting and graphics. In the Museum you can see the interrelation and interpenetration of techniques and technologies of painting watercolor, gouache, tempera, pastels, various techniques of drawing and calligraphy, oil and fresco painting.
On the excursion you can plunge into the world of art and creativity, to look into the artist’s Studio and learn how masterpieces are born.

Tour of the permanent exhibition of Sergey Nikolaevich Andriaka, the National Artist of Russia, Full member of Russian Academy of ARTS, gives you the opportunity to see his best watercolors in different periods of creativity. Sergey Andriaka is often called the best master of watercolors of our time and a continuing tradition of classic watercolor painting of the XIX century. In the paintings of Sergey Andriaka you will see delicate flowers, houses and churches of ancient cities, Moscow courtyards, and, of course, all the mood of Russian nature and scenes, created in visits to foreign countries.
The Museum exposition reveals the secrets of the artists and many of the secrets of watercolor painting. You will know, where the tradition of watercolor was born, and which materials were used by masters in the XIX century, and much more.

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