Museum- Estate Kuzminki

Should you want to know what is like to be a guest of a Russian lord, a real host of his own estate, visit Russian Estate «Prince Golitsyns’ Manor «Vlakhernskoye-Kuzminki».

The museum is one of the best amenities in the manors’ list dated XVIII-XIX centuries. The mansion 300-year history is rich to mention most famous noble families and prominent cultural luminaries, e.g. barons Stroganov, Princes Golitsyn, architects and sculptors R. Kazakov, I. Egotov, I. Zherebtsova, D and A. Gilardi, M. Bykovsky, P. Klodt  and I. Vitali. Even those who lived at that time i.e. 150 years ago would speak enthusiastically about it and called it the “Russian Versailles” as as they saw the true value to the grandeur of the architecture, the unity of nature and art in the arrangement of a grand park, the magnificence of salons, at-homes, festivals and masquerades.

Today the museum estate offers its visitors to discover the vivid and dramatic history of the old manor Kuzminki back in the XVIII – early XIX centuries. One has the opportunity to see everyday life in the manor and get familiar with the history of the Stroganoff and Golitsyn noble families who owned the estate. The museum provides such an opportunity by arranging exposures in the servant-wing where items of ornamental and decorative art of the XIX – early XX centuries are being demonstrated.

The estate stable yard is a unique monument of architecture of the XIX century. In the estate’s North wing there is an exhibition telling about the ways of conveyance in Russia in the XIX century. Moreover, the exhibition gives an outline of the historical significance of horses in the economic, civil and military sphere and the examples of horse-drawn carriages used in the city and the estate for business trips.

The stable yard’s north fodder barn combines items of peasant life, horse harness, floccular bells, horseshoes – all found at the stable yard during the restoration work. The interior of the fodder barn also deserves a look.

The Kuzminki parkland is very beautiful and a long walk here is likely to cheer you up – here the beautiful nature mixes up with the wonderful historical and architectural monuments. Festivals of flowerbeds are held here in summer. More than that, every weekend there is a huge variety of entertainment including classical and folk music concerts.

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