Moscow Planetarium С Детьми

If you want to see the stars on a bright sunny day, you have to descend to the bottom of the well. To admire the starscape on a cloudy day, get on a plane and rise up above the clouds. In order to see the famous Southern Cross, one of the most beautiful constellations, you must make a journey to the equator. The sun and the stars can be observed only from a spacecraft board… But all these and many other celestial phenomena are available for you to see any day on the virtual sky of Moscow Planetarium.

Moscow Planetarium was established in 1929 and has become the 13th best planetarium in the world.

Today in the Planetarium you can find the Urania Museum, the Lunarium Museum with lots of interactive exhibits, the Sky Park with Big and Small Observatories (open from May to October), as well as the 4D-cinema and the Small Star Hall.

Moscow Planetarium is a place where you can virtually observe the laws of celestial mechanics with the aid of the latest technologies, travel back in time and space, as well as learn more about the Universe, our common home.

The Planetarium staff conduct tours around the Urania Museum and the Lunarium.

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