Memorial Museum of German Anti- Fascist

In 1985 Memorial Museum of German anti- fascist was established on the place of the former special operative transit camp #27 for war prisoners. Today it is the only museum in Russia which exhibitions are based on the prisoners of war activity coverage during the World War II.

In 1943 the anti- fascist Central School worked on the encampment territory, Free German National Committee – an anti-fascist organization composed of German war prisoners– was also founded there. Only due to moral rejuvenation of the former USSR enemies the German prisoners of war participation in the propaganda work turned to be possible.

The unique materials regarding Russian- German relations from the beginning to the middle of the XX century and little known historic facts of the Great Patriotic War would ring in everyone. It seems that the dramatic events of Russian great history come to life in the exhibits and in the museum itself.

All the exposures are classified into 5 large topics: Soviet- German relations in 1920- 1930; the Great Patriotic War; the Camp # 27 for war prisoners subordinated to the central agency – the NKVD of the USSR; the anti- fascist POW movement; Free German National Committee and German Military Officers Union; ideological struggle and military propaganda in 1941- 1945 and the permanent exhibition “bad memories” (rewards and markings of the Third Reich).

The museum organizes sightseeing tours with a demonstration of films and documentary chronicles. There is an extensive photo and video collection, including trophy dubbed German Chronicle.

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