Kuskovo is a large museum in the south-east of Moscow. The picturesque park of 300 hectares is surrounded by the architectural ensemble of the 18th century with an adjacent, and the only one in Moscow, French garden with intricate flowerbeds, sculptures and ponds. The manor, owned by Counts Sheremetevs, was intended for magnificent receptions of crowded theatrical festivities and celebrations. It has survived with more than 20 unique architectural monuments, as well as the only in Moscow French regular park estate with marble sculptures, ponds and pavilions.

Today one may visit the Palace and enjoy the atmosphere of the XVIII century, observe a fully preserved interior layout in the Dutch house. The Italian house is corresponds its historical mission and amazes the visitors of the museum with its art collections. There is a Grotto that is the exclusive pavilion in Russia that preserved its unique “grotto” furnish from the XVIII century. It is the most exotic architectural building in Kuskovo.

In the park’s south-western part there is a regular Hermitage pavilion. Like other park pavilions in the XVIII century the Hermitage was used for hosting guests, and its name showed its function, namely the amusement and entertainment in a close chosen range. Two greenhouses are restored in Kuskovo, where the exposure of the State Ceramics Museum is located.

In summer Kuskovo opens its staterooms not only for tourists but also for classical music fans. In the museum traditional concerts and festivals are arranged, and the best Russian and foreign performers consider it an honor to protrude there. There is a special charm in such concerts – the audience is surrounded not only by live classical music, but also by music, entrenched in beauty of architectural monuments and the regular French park.

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