History of the telephone

We invite you to a fascinating journey into the past! We offer a glimpse into the wonderful world of the telephone history. You will find out how it all began and how such an indispensable everyday gadget, has been evolving and improving every decade for two centuries.

The basis of the museum display is a unique collection of handsets and accessories of the late XIX – early XX centuries, comprising more than 500 exhibits, from all over the world. The museum also has a unique collection of rare handsets and accessories from Europe, the US and Russia.

Here you can trace the evolutionary path of the phone, from wooden home decoration to miniature computer. The museum display makes it clear how time-consuming and painstaking the work of many inventors was, resulted in the emergence of modern means of communication. Among the scientists in this field are the well-known names like both Russian and foreign like: Yablotchkov, Popov, Tesla, Bell, Morse, Edison, Meucci, Marconi and many others.

Today, the Moscow Museum of Telephone History holds the most numerous collection of handsets in Europe.

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