Gogol`s house

Russia’s only museum of Nikolai Gogol is located in the old urban manor in the centre of Moscow on Nikitsky Boulevard. In this very house Nikolai Gogol spent the last four years of his life and died on February, 21 (O.S.), 1852.

The permanent exhibition is located in the front suite at the first floor of the mansion’s main house. Every room has one major item that draws attention of the visitors. The item embodies a symbolic exhibit and expresses each room’s main accent. For instance, it is the so-called “chest for travelling» in the antechamber, the fireplace in the drawing room, the writing cabinet in the library, the chair in the Revizor’s hall and Gogol’s death-mask in the memory hall. With the usage of modern technological equipment the participation effect in Gogol’s characters world has been achieved. The museum contains original historical items and pieces of art as well as Gogol’s personal things.

Here in his own two rooms at the first floor the writer worked on the second volume of Dead Souls. According to Gogol, the novel should have reflected the whole Russia, where «a Russian person wouls have been presented with all the diversity of personal wealth and talent….and all the variety of their disadvantages». The second floor of the exposition combines the information about Gogol’s works and his life and oeuvre research. Furthermore, the house owners’ portraits, engravings, lithographies of the monuments related to the writer are shown. As legend has it, one of the sheet music albums, namely oratorios by Felix Mendelssohn in German, was located in the music section (a theater salon) and belonged to countess Tolstaya.

The museum holds also concerts, literature workshops, exhibitions, interactive performances and tours, including tours around Moscow.

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