Children’s railway

When hearing “Children’s Railway” many people would visualize an attraction in a recreation park where children ride on a train around the park- but that is not true.

Moscow children’s railway is a unique educational and transport institution tackled by all the latest developments in the field of railway service and traffic.

It is the 11-16-year-old teenagers who administer train traffic and passenger carriage and they do it not in least worse than their “Big Brother” – the Moscow railway. The park of the children’s railway possesses two TU2 diesel locomotives and 6 carriages of the deluxe train “Children’s Railway”.

We invite you to visit our children’s railway!

This tour includes a train ride, the history of the children’s railway and its configuration. Schoolchildren will be your tour guides.

The children’s railway is open from April to October.

The duration of the tour is from 2 hours.

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