Central Armed Forces Museum

The Central Armed Forces Museum is one of the world’s largest military historical museums, which was founded in December, 1919. The museum exposition occupies 24 halls and the outdoor area, it encompasses the history of the Armed Forces from its origin until nowadays.
There are about 15 thousand exhibits presented in the halls of the museum, revealing the history of our county’s Armed Forces, namely photographs, documents, awards, weapons and soldiers’ , officers’ and famous commanders’ personal belongings. The main part of the exhibition occupies 24 rooms with a total area of 5,000 square meters.
The exhibition materials are arranged in chronological order on the following topics: History of the Russian army and navy until 1917; the period of the Civil War and foreign military intervention; Red Army and Navy as a security guardian of the USSR; the Great Patriotic War period; the postwar history of the Soviet Armed Forces; Creation and development of the Russian Federation Armed Forces.
Outside the museum there is an extended collection of more than 150 examples of military equipment and weapons of the Soviet Army and the Russian Federation Armed Forces: from the Civil War 1918-1922 artillery to modern ballistic missiles.
The museum stuff arranges a variety of thematic tours and activities. You are able to buy scaled- down versions of military equipment, military and historical miniatures, books and souvenirs in the museum shops.
There is a restaurant in the museum providing frontline cuisine and called “Ah, the roadways”. Here you may experience the atmosphere of military life and enjoy some good food. Visitors are offered meals that could have been provided on the tables of soldiers and commanders in the wartime. Moreover, there are dishes of the countries involved in the Second World War, and these dishes may be served in cooking pots as well as cauldrons. Our guests dip into the atmosphere of those times and get closer to people gained a victory in the World War II.

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