Central Air Force Museum

Museum of the Air Force is the only aviation museum in the country, which is home to a number of exiting permanent exhibitions of full-size planes, helicopters, gliders and other aircraft.

The exposition of the Museum of the Air Force takes place in the two hangars and six halls with the area of 5500 square metres. The main building of the Central Air Force Museum is a wooden building constructed in 1932-1934.

All the leading aviation powers consider it to be one of the largest aviation museums in the world and admire its collection of aircraft. This collection allows us to trace the development of aviation from the first aircraft to the modern one.

The museum hosts a variety of guided tours, where you can learn the history of the origin and development of aeronautics in Russia, the development of aviation in the First and Second World War, as well as see the military, passenger and transport aircraft and helicopters constructed in Russia.

The history of the Air Force Museum is, in essence, the history of the domestic aviation. It tells about the difficult and glorious path of its formation and development. Going from exhibit to exhibit, from stand to stand, the visitor traces its history starting from 1909.

Every visitor can have a look at the following aircraft in the halls of the museum, as well as in the open spaces:

– Bombers and reconnaissance aircraft U-2, P-5, DB-3, of 1920-1930, and others;

– Machinery of the Second World War – the Yak-9U, IL-10, TU-2, TU-4, and others;

– Post-war equipment, fighter, reconnaissance and attack aircraft as well as passenger planes and helicopters.

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