Great Patriotic War 1941-1945

World War II was the largest and most difficult war in the history of mankind. 61 States with a population of 1.7 billion people served in the war. Over 50 million people were killed.  The Soviet Union took on the main impact of this war. The defeat of Nazi troops near Moscow, the defense of Leningrad, the heroic battle of Stalingrad, battle of Kursk, the victorious storming of Berlin and many other operations that will be remembered in history. This war became the Great Patriotic War for the Soviet people, people banded together in the face of threats of enslavement and destruction.The price of victory was huge.  Nearly 30 million of Soviet people were killed on the battlefield, in camps, in the occupied territories, in the siege of Leningrad. A third of the national wealth was destroyed. 1710 cities, more than 70 thousand villages, a huge number of factories, mines and many kilometers of railway tracks were destroyed; the proportion of the male population of the country was declined.

The events of the Great Patriotic War is a tragedy and the pain of loss in each family.  The great feat of the Soviet people to defend the honor, freedom and independence of their homeland, redeemed mankind from fascism, will forever remain in the memory of people.

The Jewish museum

Responding to the needs of contemporary culture and society, the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is a cultural and educational complex where in addition to the permanent exhibition various research, educational and children’s centers and tolerance center are open. The permanent exhibition tells Russian history from the reign of Catherine II to the present times. This period of time is […]

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