Рalaces and Еstates

Estates of Moscow and Moscow region are one of the tourist charms of the Russian capital. For several centuries Moscow has been the residences of kings, royalty, aristocracy, prominent figures in various spheres of social, scientific and cultural life. This fact led to the existence the most beautiful estates in Moscow and Moscow regions, which are monuments of history and architecture. Estates of Moscow provide visitors and residents a great opportunity to explore the history of the city and the life of prominent Muscovites. At any time of the year walk by the estates is a wonderful time, a wonderful experience and a nice opportunity to have a rest in the fresh air.

The museum-reserve Izmailovo

Izmailovo is a famous residence of Russian tsars, where unique monuments of architecture, connected with the glorious pages of Russian history, are located. This architectural complex had been well-known even before Peter the Great conducted his reforms. The history of Izmailovo began in the second half of the XVI century when it was mentioned as a suburban village of Moscow. […]

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Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye

The unique landscape of Kolomenskoye has been forming for thousands of year. It is here on the territory of Kolomenskoye in Djakovo, on the rounded hill with a flat top 2.5 thousand years ago there was an ancient Djakovo settlement, which gave the name to the archaeological culture. However, people lived here even in the Stone Age. Archaeological sites around […]

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Lyublino Manor

Lyublino Manor was established in the 16th century. In the late 17th century it belonged to the Godunov family and was called Godunovo Manor. Its current name it received from Prince Prozorovsky, and in the 19th century it became the property of Moscow landlord N.A. Durasov. Today, the visitors can see Lublino Manor palace as it was 200 years ago. […]

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The Ostankino Estate Museum

Ostankino is located in northern Moscow. It is an architectural monument of the 18th century, which has been perfectly preserved until nowadays. Once belonging to the suburbs of Moscow, today Ostankino is located just in a 20-minutes drive from the Kremlin. The architectural ensemble of the Ostankino estate has been forming for several centuries. The first documented information about this […]

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Vorontsovo Manor

Vorontsovo Manor is one of the most ancient architectural monuments located in the territory of Moscow. It was named after its first owner Fedor Vorontsov, who lived in the 14th century. The manor has survived the times of Repnin and Volkonsky, the construction of a secret plant during the Napoleonic Wars and destruction in the Soviet period. A lot of […]

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