Рalaces and Еstates

Estates of Moscow and Moscow region are one of the tourist charms of the Russian capital. For several centuries Moscow has been the residences of kings, royalty, aristocracy, prominent figures in various spheres of social, scientific and cultural life. This fact led to the existence the most beautiful estates in Moscow and Moscow regions, which are monuments of history and architecture. Estates of Moscow provide visitors and residents a great opportunity to explore the history of the city and the life of prominent Muscovites. At any time of the year walk by the estates is a wonderful time, a wonderful experience and a nice opportunity to have a rest in the fresh air.

Lefortovo Palaces and Gardens

The origin of the unique architectural complex is connected with Peter the Great, who, since his youth, adored visiting the Yauza bank, particularly the Foreign Quarter, densely populated by foreigners. Furthermore, he was attached to it till the end of his life. Peter I had many friends among foreigners and “the best of them”, as the emperor called him, was […]

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Museum- Estate Kuzminki

Should you want to know what is like to be a guest of a Russian lord, a real host of his own estate, visit Russian Estate «Prince Golitsyns’ Manor «Vlakhernskoye-Kuzminki». The museum is one of the best amenities in the manors’ list dated XVIII-XIX centuries. The mansion 300-year history is rich to mention most famous noble families and prominent cultural […]

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Tsaritsyno Museum and Reserve

The museum and reserve “Tsaritsyno” located in the south of Moscow combines a palace complex, the Opera house, the Bread house, a cavalry unit, the temple, a greenhouses, a historical landscape park with ponds and pavilions as well as new parks with  flower beds and a fountain with lights and music. The entire territory of the museum and reserve occupies 405 […]

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Arkhangelskoye – the Russian Versailles

The State Museum Estate “Arkhangelskoye” is well known for extraordinary beauty of its palaces and gardens. This is one of the world largest collections of garden sculptures. The Arkhangelskoye Estate is known from the manuscripts dated of Ivan the Terrible times. Dukes Odoevskiy, Golitsynsky, Yusupovy had been the owners of the estate within three centuries. At the turn of the […]

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Kuskovo is a large museum in the south-east of Moscow. The picturesque park of 300 hectares is surrounded by the architectural ensemble of the 18th century with an adjacent, and the only one in Moscow, French garden with intricate flowerbeds, sculptures and ponds. The manor, owned by Counts Sheremetevs, was intended for magnificent receptions of crowded theatrical festivities and celebrations. […]

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The Izmailovo Kremlin

The Izmailovo Kremlin is a cozy corner of Moscow before the Peter I reforms, where Russian history and a fairy tale are intertwined with modernity. The cultural and entertainment complex “Izmailovo Kremlin” was based on the former residence of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, which was located in Izmailovo in the XVII century. During the work over the Kremlin’s design, drawings and […]

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