Places to relax

Central Gardens and Parks

Moscow gardens and parks are green islets in our huge city where one can get away from the hustle and bustle of the megalopolis, daily routine, work, and noisy roads. Moscow gardens and parks let you enjoy old-age nature and history of the area, go architectural sightseeing or read a book, take a sunbath or do some sports. 1. Alexander Gardens are […]

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Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora

Poklonnaya Gora (the Poklonnay Hill) is one of the major Moscow attractions these days; it is the place where memory of the Great Patriotic War (the World War II) fallen heroes is perpetuated. Being located between the Kutuzovsky Avenue and the Minskaya Street, this memorial park is a significant place for the Great Patriotic War veterans, who annually gather together […]

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Pharmaceutic Garden (Russian: Aptekarskiy Ogorod)

Pharmaceutic Garden is Moscow historical and cultural landmark, and the oldest Russian botanic garden. In 1706, at the order of Peter I a garden for growing medicinal herbs was laid on the northern fringe of the city, behind Sukharevskaya Tower. Initially it belonged to Pharmaceutic Department (Aptekarskiy Prikaz), then to Moscow Hospital, and later – to Medico-surgical academy. Planted there […]

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Botanical Garden

The main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Science is located in the unique natural forest in the territory of Moscow. Its fragments, Erdenevskaya grove from Ostankino and Leonov forest, have survived only thanks to the scientific and conservation activities of the Garden . First, these areas are mentioned in the Chronicles of 1584, as the land, belonging to […]

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Sokolniki Park

There was a dense virgin on the site of the present “Sokolniki” Park in XIV-XV centuries. Stromynskaya Road was stretching through this forest and Tcherkizovo area straight into the village of Stromyn that is 60 km to the East, and then into the town of Suzdal. According to the legend in 1382 when Khan Tokhtamysh was approaching Moscow Dmitry Donskoy […]

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The Park of Arts MUSEON

The Park of Arts MUSEON is the largest sculpture Museum under the open sky in Russia. It is unique in its composition and its diversity as its territory comprises more than 1,000 exhibits. Its collection consists of unique monuments of the Soviet time, who gradually found the place in the museum since it had been founded in 1992. One of […]

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