Patriotic War 1812

Patriotic War of 1812  is an important page in the history of Russia. The decisive events of the war were the battle near the village of Borodino, where both sides believed themselves as victorious, and with good reason; the entry of Napoleon to Moscow and terrible fire of the capital. The fire destroyed all hopes of Napoleon on staying in winter in Moscow, and Napoleon was forced to retreat …

Military Historical Settlement Doronino

Military Historical settlement Doronino is a living history museum of rural and military life, located on the premises of the State Military History Museum Borodino. “Doronino” has exquisite exhibits. All its buildings, interior details, objects and things are not merely restored silent artifacts, but rather the witnesses of historic events, used in the household a long time ago. Crossing the […]

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Museum of the Patriotic War 1812

The new museum exhibition space is as big as 1800 square meters. On a large scale and as detailed as possibly it reflects the events of the whole historical epoch in its numerous exhibits (over 2000). They include paintings, drawings, sculpture, maps, documents, household items, numismatics, banners, awards, uniforms, equipment and weapons of the opposing parties. Here you can find […]

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The Autumn of 1812

The War of 1812 left a deep mark in the history of the capital. Napoleon’s invasion in Moscow, the great fire of 1812, which destroyed more than half of the city architecture, as well as the restoration of Moscow are all turning points in the life of the capital. On the tour you will visit places connected with the events […]

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