With children

Nothing broadens the mind like travel and trips! Different kinds of transport, climate and seasons, people of different nationalities, language …  it can be continued for long! No matter how old is your child- it will be interesting and informative to discover this world on our tours.

Children’s railway

When hearing “Children’s Railway” many people would visualize an attraction in a recreation park where children ride on a train around the park- but that is not true. Moscow children’s railway is a unique educational and transport institution tackled by all the latest developments in the field of railway service and traffic. It is the 11-16-year-old teenagers who administer train […]

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Moscow Planetarium С Детьми

If you want to see the stars on a bright sunny day, you have to descend to the bottom of the well. To admire the starscape on a cloudy day, get on a plane and rise up above the clouds. In order to see the famous Southern Cross, one of the most beautiful constellations, you must make a journey to […]

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Locomotive ride

This is a unique tour in retro style. During the “ locomotive ride” you can turn back the hands of time and take part in the life of the railway in the early 20th century, for a short time become a passenger of the retro-train, feel the heat of a hot steam engine and hear an inspiring train horn. “Locomotive […]

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