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The Folk Graphic Art Museum

The museum is located at a historical spot of Moscow where a unique sort of art, which was both in paint and print, once appeared. In the 17th century the area got the name Meshchanskaya village; but they were not only print-workers, who lived here in Sretenka. In the early 17th century Sretenskaya village was inhabited by members of thirty-two […]

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All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art

The Museum occupies the complex of the buildings that present themselves the architectural monument dated as late XVIII — early XX centuries. It is called as “Osterman’s country estate” for the name of the former owner of this estate. The mansion belonged to the Streshnevs family of Russian nobles from the second quarter of the XVII century, and then it […]

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The Art Gallery of A. Shilov

Alexander Shilov is a Soviet and Russian painter and graphic artist. The Gallery Exhibition is dedicated to his work in the period from 1960 to the present time. At the moment the number of his works is about a thousand of paintings. He donated them to Russia. His works are presented in a permanent exhibition in the Gallery for public […]

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The Picture Gallery of Ilya Glazunov

The Moscow State Art Gallery of Ilya Glazunov, the people’s artist of the USSR, is situated in the mansion, built in the early 20th century, close to the park of Christ the Savior temple. Ilya Glazunov was born 10 June 1930. He survived in the siege of Leningrad. Since 1944 he studied at the Leningrad secondary art school in the […]

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The Museum-Apartment of A. M. Vasnetsov

The house, where the Museum – Apartment is located, was built in the early 20th century. From 1903 till 1933 A.M.Vasnetsov lived, worked and died here. He was a historian of Moscow, the greatest Russian artist, who made a significant contribution to the history of the city and the Russian art. The Museum exposition will show you the workshop of […]

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The House-Museum of V.M. Vasnetsov

Muscovites called the House-Museum of V.M.Vasnetsov “Teremok”. The house was built by the sketches and drawings of the artist in 1894. This is a structure with Terem (additional log building), decorated by the roof in the shape of a barrel. The Windows are decorated with molding trims – kokoshniki and columns-melons. Multi-colored tiles with floral patterns surround the house from […]

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