Life and traditions of old Moscow

The late XIX and early XX centuries became the era of change for Russia and Moscow. The city was filled with new types of transport (horse-drawn trams, buses, trams), there were new ways of communication between people (telegraph and telephone). The streets were lighted by gas means, and soon with the help of electricity. Cinematograph and photograph were developed actively, music can be listened now with gramophones – in a word, this period radically changed the life and leisure of people.

Sadovoye (Garden) Ring

This is the only Museum in Moscow dedicated to the history of  the oldest Meshansky district. In the atmosphere of the old mansion you will be able to enjoy the cozy Moscow life, learn about traditions, family values and legends of  Meshansky district. In addition to traditional guided tours and lectures you will find a lot of exciting journeys for […]

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Moscow Museum of Archaeology

Moscow Museum of Archaeology is located in Moscow Manezhnaya Square’s underground hall at the depth of 7 meters depth and straight on the large-scale excavation site dated 1993-1996. The museum gives a glimpse on medieval Moscow as well as on the history of modern Moscow Manezhnaya Square’s development. The visit to the museum will give one an outlook about the […]

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Central Moscow Hippodrome

Central Moscow Hippodrome is the first and one of the largest hippodromes in Russia. It was founded in 1834. In its very first year there were only two horseracing days and only 12 horses participated in races. Being the ground for many global horse races the Hippodrome also serves the ground for The Great Russian Prize (Derby) with horses of […]

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