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The Museum of Calligraphy

“Calligraphy is music, addressed not to the ears BUT to the eyes”. V. V. Lazurski The first Russian Museum is dedicated to the art of writing. The Museum exposition includes unique letter samples, among its exhibits you will find the world’s masterpieces, created by the renowned masters of calligraphy. One of the most interesting is a unique handwritten copy of […]

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Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Moscow Museum of Modern Art is the first Russian State Museum, specialized entirely in the art of XX and XXI centuries. Since its opening, the Museum has become versatile in its activities and has received wide recognition. Today the Museum contributes greatly into the artistic life of the capital offering locations at four sites in the historical center of Moscow. […]

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The Institute of Russian Realist Art

The Museum and Exhibition complex was opened in December 2011 in one of the ancient buildings of the former cotton-printing factory, built in Zamoskvorechie in the late XIX century. Art collection is considered today as one of the best painting collections of the national realist school of the ХХ century. Three floors of exhibition space with a total area of […]

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Museum of Watercolors

Moscow State Academy of Watercolors and Fine Arts of Sergey Andriaka has an exhibition complex. Its center is the Museum of Watercolors. Its exposition includes more than 200 works of outstanding artists from different countries. Many of works are presented to a wide audience for the first time: landscapes of Ivan Shishkin, who was the acclaimed “poet of nature”; then, […]

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Art Deco originated as a style in 1908 — 1912, and reached its peak between 1925 and 1935 years. The term itself comes from the name of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Crafts of 1925 year (Exposition Internationale des Art Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes). But, as a term of artistic style, it was mentioned in 1966 year, after […]

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Russian VALENKI (felted boots)

It is believed that these felted boots are traditional Russian footwear. But, in reality, the valenki are traditional for Eurasian peoples. The story of the boots’ creation started 2.500 years ago. This date is related to the valenki, which were found in the Altai mountains. The process of felting shoes came to us from Asian countries, during the invasion of […]

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