Bulgakov’s Moscow

Mikhail Bulgakov is a writer and a playwright. His works are an integral part of the golden fund of Russian literature. Bulgakov is one of the most read writers in the XX- XXI century, now he is called the great writer, the genius, although it was impossible to imagine formerly. Still, the name of the “The Master and Margarita” author is not just a page in the literature history.

He always took an independent stand, especially about the politics and economy of Russia, which often did not coincide with the official one. Mikhail Bulgakov uses techniques of the humoristic prose pieces. The dark sides of Soviet reality were shown in his last works in order to discredit and vilify it. However, despite his inclination to fiction, his satire is very realistic, specific, historically and psychologically authentic. So, such notions as “Bulgakov’s Moscow” and ” Bulgakov’s Kiev” exist not in vain. There By studying Bulgakov as a writer and Bulgakov as a person plenty of obscured and mysterious facts rise into surface. His political views, attitude towards religion and aesthetic preferences have not been clarified yet.

The famous writer lived several years in the communal flat # 50 on Bolshaya Sadovaya, 10. Here Bulgakov wrote his first novels, the image of the apartment remained in his memory for a long time and haunted him for many years. It is reflected in his novels, the most famous of which is, of course, “The Master and Margarita.” It was “The Evil Apartment», wrapped by mystical atmosphere, where the part of the book’s action takes place.

Bulgakov’s Fund was established 70 years later, in 1990, which main aim was the flat №50 opening for the visitors. Nowadays the famous “Evil Apartment” is a museum where you can learn more about the Moscow period of Bulgakov’s life. The special atmosphere of this place has been preserved despite all the difficulties. The flat used to serve firstly as dormitories of higher female courses before the Revolution then as a classic communal flat, which became the writer’s refuge for a long time, and the mythical “Evil Apartment” in the famous novel, and finally, a place of Bulgakov fans pilgrimage.

The museum stuff arranges various tours both in the flat № 50 and around Moscow. In the museum one may feel better what the “Bulgakov’s Moscow” is. Evening and night tours devoted to “The Master and Margarita” would ring in everyone and red tram 302-BIS will take away in a mystical journey through Bulgakov’s places where you can hear associated with it fascinating stories.

The most important part of Mikhail Bulgakov’s life is music. Therefore, his museum permanently conducts concerts, where compositions of the twentieth century and light music of 1900-1930’s are presented. This music is also reflected on the pages of Bulgakov’s works. And, of course, poetic and theatrical readings and improvisations are arranged. It is impossible to imagine without it any of the places where Bulgakov lived, even “The Evil Apartment”!

Here, in the house on Bolshaya Sadovaya 10, the “theater M.A. Bulgakov,” takes place, which purpose is to promote Bulgakov’s cultural heritage.

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