Botanical Garden

The main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Science is located in the unique natural forest in the territory of Moscow. Its fragments, Erdenevskaya grove from Ostankino and Leonov forest, have survived only thanks to the scientific and conservation activities of the Garden . First, these areas are mentioned in the Chronicles of 1584, as the land, belonging to the Cherkassky princes. Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, the father of Peter I, loved to hunt here. In 1743, the land was passed into the possession of the Sheremetevs, who purchased “Ostashkovo village” with the estate. Count Nikolai Sheremetev, the owner of Ostankino, being the godfather of the gardening new ideas , turned the nearest part of the estate groves (the so-called Additional garden, purchased later) into the English Park. The gardener, who was an Englishman, wanted to achieve a natural character of the landscape. There were 5 artificial ponds, fed by the water of the Kamenka river, one of the tributaries of the Yauza river. The main tree species of the park were oak, linden and maple; bushes were hazel, honeysuckle and viburnum.

The official founding date of the Botanical Garden is 14 April, 1945. The main Botanical Garden is one of the largest Botanical gardens in Europe. In the Botanical Garden you can find many rare wild plants. There are beautiful rose gardens and flower gardens, the arboretum, which houses more than 4,000 species of trees and shrubs, oak forest and many species of cultivated and wild plants.

Also, the Botanical Garden has a “Japanese garden” and “Fund greenhouse”. The Main greenhouse of the Botanical Garden is open for tours all the year round, and the Japanese Garden  is open from May to October.

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