Arkhangelskoye – the Russian Versailles

The State Museum Estate “Arkhangelskoye” is well known for extraordinary beauty of its palaces and gardens. This is one of the world largest collections of garden sculptures.

The Arkhangelskoye Estate is known from the manuscripts dated of Ivan the Terrible times. Dukes Odoevskiy, Golitsynsky, Yusupovy had been the owners of the estate within three centuries. At the turn of the XVIII – XIX centuries the architecture and park ensemble were developed into the classical style. Such architects as Gern, Trombare, Petondi, Gonzaa, Bove and Klein contributed to constructing and decorating of the estate.

Arkhangelskoye is the only area in Moscow region that preserved all the basic elements of layout and development in its architecture and parks. With all the artistic techniques uniqueness, Arkhangelskoye caters all the best tendencies created in Russian manor art of the XVIII – XIX centuries.

In the “Arkhangelskoye” estate one can visit the Palace with terraces and French park, English landscape park, the clerical outbuilding, P.Ganzaga’s theater, the small Palace “Caprice,” a tea house, a pink fountain, a temple – tomb “Colonnade”, the church of the Archangel Michael, the holy gates, the pantry over the ravine and the almshouse. There are commemorative columns presented in the park.

The painting collection presents works by major West- European painters of the XVII – XIX centuries, namely A. Van Dyck, D. Tiepolo, F. Boucher, H. Robert and others. The collection of decorative art combines art bronze, clocks, furniture, Yusupov porcelain factory in Arkchangelskoye (1820 – 1830) and major European manufactories of the XVIII – XIX centuries products. Yusupov collection includes a number of sculptures dated from the VII century BC till the beginning of the XX century.

The pride of the museum is the fund of rare books, the most extensive of all the manor libraries, including over 16,000 volumes of Russian and West- European publications of the XVI – XIX centuries.

The museum-estate holds a variety of activities: festivals, celebrations, classical and jazz music concerts. It is a perfect place for entertainment!

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